This software is for Real Estate Developers which enables them to organize, automate and synchronize there Pre and Post Sales processes leading to better Customer Service and Value addition to the bottom lines of the company. Our experience of developing software systems for various companies and strong ongoing research in studying processes of Real Estate developers have lead to the advent. Today it is enriching the real estate sector with a complete, flexible, powerful and easy to use real estate Software.

Advantage :
  • Powerful and simple to use.
  • Includes every aspect of Booking and Customer Account.
  • Single point access to complete client account.
  • Low Recurring Cost.
  • Less Degree of Support required.
  • Permission Based Access.
  • Faster Booking and Account Handling process.
  • Multiple Payment Methods and Schemes.
Features :
  • This software enables Real Estate Developers to manage and track Pre and Post Sales activities across all categories of their projects e.g Commercial, Residential, Plotting, Villas etc. Using single interface you can track minute information of each unit spread across your various schemes.
  • This software enables you to Book, Sell and Block units. For each project you can decide the Company Name, Unit Type, Rates, Payment Methods and Plans, Bank Details, Approved Bankers for loan etc.
  • This offers single screen interface to manage complete aspect of Customer Accounts from Booking Details, Payment Schedules, Other Charges, Payments History, Cancellation, Refunds, Documents Generation and Unit Logs etc.