Directory submissions can form the basis of a strong SEO link building campaign. They can be targeted through the use of your chosen keywords as anchor text and in the description, and they can be relevant because of their placement on categorized pages with your own well written description. With regional directory submissions you can further extend these benefits by including a list of geographically targeted links for your profile.

If you have non-English website, it is advisable to submit it to regional web directory and relevant language directories for high approval rate and relevancy. NON ENGLISH websites should be submitted into their own language and specific region or country specific web directories. These web directories mainly target their language specific region.

To fulfill this requirement, we started regional directory submissions service. Currently, we are providing regional directory submission for every language. If your website is not related to the following language/country and wish to submit your website to another regional web directory, please send your enquiry to us with details.

Regional directory submissions are an important part of a SEO strategy, for example if your website is located in France and you only have links from websites based in the UK and USA this obviously doesn’t look natural to search engines. In this case it would be considered a good SEO technique to build links from web directories based in France with smaller amounts of links from other countries.